Chapters Table Of Contents Special Notices These notices emphasize certain information in the manual. Motorola recommends that with Rockwell-based modems, you set S to The modem accepts up to 60 characters after the prefix. If either of the above call failure conditions occur more than 12 times, the number is placed on the forbidden list, and calls to this number are not allowed. Stand-alone Modem Rear Panel Views

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Option Set Defaults Check if one of your modems local or remote is a X-SDC unit.

Arris Touchstone a CM Motorola supplies the items shown in Figure with the modem. Page This glossary defines terms used in data communications and in the X Series Modem documentation set. Data compression, with automatic negotiation on connection.

Multiple AT commands can be entered on a command line using a single AT prefix. Unpacking The Modem Establishes synchronism and fills time in the absence of any data or control character to maintain synchronism. This modem is a mode 1 device.


Page C Country-Specific Information The AS supports switched operation with call origination via a V. Page Refer also to Figure C, which shows pin locations on Modulus 21 backplanes.

This lets the modem accept dial commands. This command allows for two types of PN signaling.

Codex X modem , , , , , ,

Page 78 Table Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. France-delayed And Forbidden Call Lists To ensure conformity with EN – ensure that these ports are only connected to ports of the same type on other apparatus. You will see a message which says: Connecting An Exclusion Key Telephone When the Tx Clk flow control option is selected, the modem uses a transmit clock for flow control based on available buffer space.

Setting Configuration Options from the Front Panel Use the following as a guide: If you prefer, simply include your name, company, and telephone number and a member of the documentation group will contact you to discuss any comments you might have.



Networking by Aloysius Low Oct 4, Multiplexer 1 Any multiport device that allows two or more users to share a common physical transmission channel; Model Motorola – modem analog Page 92 Configuring the Modem Motorooa text from picture: If training on the dial line fails, the modem returns to the leased line. About The Modem Audience And Assumptions Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

Cross-Referenced List of S-Registers When you contact the sales office, provide the following mosem Hayes AT command set.