The following list of dedicated AIS receivers is by no means exhaustive. The image on the right shows it inside the small box I made to protect it. Adding a weight on anchor chain. Another marine monitoring application is EpirbPlotter. Would anyone have a copy of the win8 drivers for this dongle they can upload for me? Lost crew captain charged. User feedback All, here is my report on ShipPlotter underway on our sailboat Sashay.

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VAT is added to these charges for customers within the EU. Display Vendors by Location. EpirbPlotter can decode these messages, including the messages transmitted when the Test function is activated. The “radar” display is especially useful. It is the mirrofbow exe. COF file, which contains the coefficients for the World Magnetic Model used to convert true bearings to magnetic. Hawaii to remote Pacific.

However I’m always interested in new data acquisition projects so if you have a good idea for one. BB code is On. But, when the radar did liinux a ship, it was easy to identify and track.

Fortunately there is a third-party library available called rxtxand I was able to use that. He died after a very short illness on the 2nd of July. If you need coastline charts rather than satellite images, Hal Mueller has generously provided a means to generate charts at his splendid Mobile Geographics website, where you can easily create a personalised chart of your local area.


Lakeland Developer: Java/Swing Mirrorbow Remote Control Program

For a landbased tightbudget Shipspotting station a oldstyle single channel Receiver would be ok for me. The file size is around 3 Mb.

Its capabilities are configurable and are: User feedback All, here is my report on ShipPlotter underway on our sailboat Sashay. Its capabilities are configurable and are:.

The Mirrorbow USB25IO

Having tried a few simple things like cycling the LEDs that indicate the status of the first four bits on the USB25IO, it was time to mirrorbo something more useful: It can operate blind or in a command line window with command line options to specify the com port number and the user sharing ID code. Download the zip file, unzip it and run the setup file. View my complete profile.

He was only 45, he’d stared getting bad headaches docs thought it was blood pressure. Serge do you have these? This is really the secret to successful AIS decoding. To get the best out of ShipPlotter you need charts on which linkx plot the traffic that you receive.

I noted a while back that the VAX and Alpha both drew significant power from the mains even when the power supply mirrorboe was turned off. It is specifically forbidden to use ShipPlotter for any illegal purpose whatsoever.


Originally Posted mirrorboq rgleason Serge do you have these? All times are GMT The image on the right shows it inside the small box I made to protect it. Good for Opencpn community that the original concept from Radargadgets was developed further, i like it.

Lost crew captain charged. Basically, W8 when you are plugin lnux new device, W8 want to find a “sign driver”, so you need to cheat on it by: If you already have a receiver that does not have a discriminator output, have a look at Rene’s wonderful resource http: On the contrary, your primary means of navigation, collision avoidance and seamanship in general must place no reliance whatsoever on ShipPlotter or any of the data that it generates.

Messages that can be decoded include routine calls for test purposes between ships and coast stations; calls to establish linu by some other means voice, etc.