I only print a couple times a month and just go to the library or printing place and pay 10 cents a copy. In fact all of Epson’s new releases are identical physically to their older generations of their cartridges with new chips. That must be in dollars from The actual driver was 9mb. I only had to change the toner once and that second catridge was just starting to get low when it the printer died.

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If you do have one at least buy the XL cartridges as they typically have about 3 times the ink for about twice the price as the base cartridges.

Nice little program that lets you re-program seriee ink level on Epson printers.

Lexmark 4-in-1 Printer only $49.99 Shipped

Your plug is srries longer shameful. Its been about 5 years now, I’ve never had to buy more toner, even in college with us printing all the time.

Inkjet printers seem to exist purely as a tax on people who haven’t discovered laser printers yet. Their black and tricolor printers aren’t to bad either. I will concede a few things: You’re a Designer who needs to see what your prints are going to look like, or who needs some good color reference off the Internet.

This is why it is important to not look at the upfront cost of the printer but its lifetime cost. I had decent luck with canons. When I got it 5 elxmark ago it said Low Toner – I’m still waiting for it to run out!


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25K 53B0HA0 toner chip for Lexmark MS817 MS818 MX717 MX718 laser printer cartridge refill

Take an Epson 69 cartridge and compare it to a Epson and you will see the is just a 69 with a different chip. Askreddit is for open-ended discussion questions. Almost 20 years later, it’s still running perfect.

Just FYI, check police auctions. I’m incredibly happy with my Brother printer. Another complaint that seems common to ink jets is: Load up the PostScript Windows drivers, direct the network port to the printer, and just transmit postscript files to the thing.

We buy a lot of “compatible” toner for customers that dont want to pay for the genuine stuff, and they all wreak havok on the machines. He says HP are the worst with custom toners e. Never trusted them again. Chiming in my support for old HP Laserjet tanks. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

The inkjet printer is a bait, most of the profits come from ink cartridge sales.

One exception to this is the Samsung CLP series and other similar which offer terrible yields for the price. A persistent streak ssries me at work is toner buildup on the transfer roller on the fuser. If When paper jams, said meatbag needs to be able to clear the jam without hurting itself. They tend to be a bit overpriced for their page yields and not as durable as some of the other brands or their older models.


Lexmark 4-in-1 Printer only $ Shipped

You might look into that. Want to add to the discussion? A lot of lasers give worse ink yield than the Lexmark and few are slightly better but the laser printers are going to be more expensive and you have to replace the drum every times you replace ink.

We had several Lexmark E printers in the office and were pretty ,exmark loved. It would be impossible for them to somehow affect the printer, unless they were remanufactured improperly, in which case it would be really obvious on whatever you print out.

There are exceptions to this rule of course but it is a good rule of thumb to go by.