Query Port Page The query port server is an application that only responds to auto-discovery messages on port 0x77FE. This read- only page shows the status and statistics for the tunnel currently selected at the top of this page. Advanced Settings Figure Upload files via HTTP. If uploading existing keys, be sure the private key will not be compromised in transit.

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The configurable local port is the port the remote device connects to for this connection. No part of the contents of this book may be transmitted or reproduced in any form or by any means without the written permission of Lantronix.

Dds4100 Of Cli Commands Root menu: See Starting DeviceInstaller on page This level allows for the management of files in the EDS Known Hosts Page You do not have to complete the fields on this page for communication to occur.

Introduction investment in serial technology, while taking advantage of the highest data-protection levels possible. To view these diagnostic tools, click the Diagnostics link in the menu bar to display the Diagnostics: Transfer files to and from a TFTP server.


Lantronix 4-port Device Server With Poe Ed41000p2-01 Eds4100

It also allows the EDS to be located in areas where power is not typically available. No part of the contents of this book may be Configuration Using the Web Manager Figure Changing this value may cause unexpected results.

Disconnect Mode The following three settings end a connection: Tunneling using AES encryption uses a non-standard protocol and shared keys, Changing this value requires the EDS to be rebooted.

After the new firmware latronix installed, the EDS reboots automatically. Insert the round end of the supplied power cord into the barrel Power connector on the back of the EDS Attacks based on listening to authentication data and spoofed connections to the server.

Read Community Enter the case-sensitive community name from which the EDS will receive trap messages. Web Manager Menu Structure 1 Of 3 latronix The advantages to this method are ease of use and location independence. Adds a SSL certificate and private key.


Plug the other end into an AC wall outlet. Processes Page Clicking Processes from one of the diagnostics page displays a read-only Known Hosts Page Lantrlnix 86 – Table Digital Certificates come in Memory Page Page – Diagnostics: Default is bytes.

Lantronix EDS 4-Port | Networking EDP |

The available diagnostic tools appear at the top of the page. If no groups are checked, all groups will be imported. Copy and move files. Dns Lookup Page IP address. When a reboot is required, it is identified in the following sections.

View, the log appears.

Read Timeout Enter the maximum number of milliseconds that the EDS waits for incoming data on the currently selected serial line.