You cannot start new topics – You cannot post replies – You cannot edit your posts. The primary is wound first around a ferrite rod, and then the secondary is wound around the primary. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. This web site requires that javascript be enabled. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As of today I have not tested the two circuits together, but I see absolutely no reason why they wouldn’t be compatible.

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You have to tune it for best performance, and do this with R1 and R3 of course!

Unfortunately, this server costs and we rely on the help of site members to keep 4hv. The current is then full-wave rectified by BR1, and filtered smoothed by C1.

Make yourself an “arc rod” out of a 4 foot length of small PVC pipe, put a bolt in the end somehow, and clip a clipcord or wire to it. The cycle can then be repeated. All today’s birthdays’, congrats!

Flyback transformer

Hook an oscilloscope probe across the resistor, plug in T1, then hook any ‘ol power supply a volt or 20 up for the external supply. You might see some high voltage, you might not. Looking at the front, the cathode is the left-hand transformeg, the anode is on the right. BR1 is a bridge rectifier rated for more than 25 volts at an amp.


Views Read Edit View history. Click here for instructions. C4 can have any kind of internal construction, but make sure it is really. Unlike conventional transformers, a flyback transformer is not fed with a signal of the same waveshape as the intended output current.

ShieldExperiments 2 months ago. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Air-cored resonant transformers only, please!

Flyback Transformer Driver

Steve Conner Sat May 23 How many turns, and what gauge wire on the flyback primary? The operation is simple The is wired as an astable and the capacitor is charged only through the 4,7Kohm trimmer notice the diode and discharged only through the 2. Dark Current Thu May 07 Coronafix Sun Apr 19 Alexandre Sun May 03 My question is about the resistance of snubber.

At some point, the circuit will get highly unstable Please don’t leave it plugged in.

Flyback Transformer Driver – Electronics-Lab

Unfortunately, this server costs and we rely on the help of site members to keep 4hv. So far, staccato hasn’t helped sparklength much, but then again, we just got the thing working.


They are hvguy.ccom of my most heartfelt thanks. R1 and R3 are used to control the frequency and duty cycle of the output square wave, they are variable resistors that you will use often to tune to resonance in flyback transformer T2’s secondary winding more on this later. Fullwave rectification verses Bridge retification and VA ratings.

The other end should be clipped to different pins on the transofrmer of the flyback If you would like to see something changed, or you just have a suggestion, post it here.

Contact If you need assistance, please send an email to forum at 4hv dot org. Many more recent applications of such a transformer dispense with the need trwnsformer produce high voltages and use the device as a relatively efficient means of producing a wide range of lower voltages using a transformer which is much smaller than a conventional mains transformer. So far, there are two schematics on this page.