Load the paper as you would for printing on both sides. Toggle orientation between portrait and landscape by clicking the document preview image. After the job is printed, the job is immediately deleted from the device. The Paper Options group box contains the following controls:. When printing from a professional software program that uses Adobe RGB, turn off the color management in the software program and allow the device software to manage the color space.

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Form to Tray Assignment. The status information changes depending on the selections that are made on the Job Storage tab. A warning appears asking whether you are sure you want to delete the selected item.

HP CM8060/CM8050 Color MFP with Edgeline Technology – Device features

If more copies are needed, reprint the job from the software program. The new watermark appears in the Current Watermarks list and in the Watermark Message edit box fdgeline ” Untitled ” until you name it. The Neutral grays drop-down menu contains the following settings:. The list hpp all of the following sizes, and might contain sizes from other drivers. Automatically print on both sides The duplexing unit in the device prints on two sides of a sheet of paper when edgelinr Print on Both Sides option is specified in the print job.

Generally, for features that are duplicated for instance, select the paper input traysettings that are established in the software program override print-driver settings. When you change the print-driver setting to a paper size that is not currently loaded in the device, a control-panel message appears that prompts you to load the paper size or select another tray.


Flip Pages Up not selected. Form to Tray Assignment A system administrator can use Form to Tray Assignment to specify the yp size in each input tray. Click Accessory Output Bin and select the installed output bin or optional finisher in the drop-down menu.

To obtain uncollated printed output, clear the Collate setting in both the driver and the software program. To gain access to these tabs:. Click the External Fonts option to make the Properties button available. The default point size is language-dependent. An arrow on the folded-over corner points in the direction that the pco would be flipped if they were bound together.

The following table summarizes paper size limits for each paper-handling device. The Properties dialog box appears.

HP CM/CM Color MFP with Edgeline Technology – Device features | HP® Customer Support

The following figure shows the initial appearance of the Custom Paper Size dialog box. If the conflict is not resolved when the driver is closed, the same dialog appears again when a print job is sent to the device. Device mf; panel sets defaults, but does not provide access to all settings.

Resizing Options The Resizing Options group box contains the following controls:. Flip Pages Up selected. When the mopier is disabled, mopying is not necessarily disabled. Software-program print-dialog box Edteline gain access to the print-driver settings from within most software programs:. For photographs or pictures where the colors blend together, select Pictures to maximize the contrast.


Environmental Parameters Min Operating Temperature.

Do this from the device control panel. Chapter separator pages dialog box. The Job Name field can contain no more than 16 characters, and is limited to A through Z uppercase or lowercase and 0 through 9 so that the name can appear on the device control-panel display.

All documents that are printed in mopier mode can be created, controlled, managed, and finished from the computer, which eliminates the extra step of using a photocopier. Print Document On Click the Print Document On option to format the document for one paper cm8600 and then print the document on a different paper size, with or without scaling the image to fit the new paper size.

Any non-numeric characters are removed immediately. ICM, a set of calculations for color matching, makes it possible for programs to adjust colors before printing so that the color of images on the screen more closely match the egeline of those images when they are printed.

After the PIN is confirmed, the job is unlocked.