Do this by breaking into u-boot and typing the following commands. The driver coding is really complicated so we used an existing driver to modify it. For instance if your application depends on libjpeg then you need to tell the cross-compiler where to look to find this library compiled for the target machine otherwise your application will not be compiled. There could be three possible reasons for the communication problem:. Simply run the program by issueing. When the e-puck extension for gumstix overo is mounted on the e-puck hardware revision 1. This small program read and write from a serial port non-canonical mode.

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The COM should now be detailing its boot-up process.

arch/arm/mach-omap2/board-overo.c – kernel/omap – Git at Google

Note that this may consume about 30G and several hours, and if you are using a Ubuntu please use the This page was last edited on 13 Decemberat Communicating with the ground sensor is as easy as open a device and reading from it; a source code example can be found in the following link http: If a serial port is automatically created when connecting the robot to the computer you’re done otherwise visit the following site and download the drivers for your architecture 32 or 64 bits FTDI drivers.

The demo let the robot follow a black filled circle placed in front of it; if the circle is moved right or left the robot turns consequently. It’s based on an Atheros chipset, for more infromation about the linux driver visit the following site http: If you specify the same pin, the new specification will override whatever is currently set.


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This is an unofficial pinout there doesn’t seem to be any official onesso the pin numbering and labels may different if you look other places online, but this pinout seemed to be the most logical based on publicly available schematics and Eagle files.

gumstix chatterbox for raspberry pi compute

The following figure illustrates where gumdtix components are physically placed on the e-puck extension board for the Gumstix Overo COM. The source code can be downloaded from the following link v4l2grab-opencv. A full-featured embedded LAN controller emphasizing performance, flexibility, ease of integration and system cost control while providing high tumstix and throughput. Gumstxi kernel also uses pins configured as GPIO that it doesn’t export. A specific firmware must be charged on the e-puck to run the Gumstix Overo linked demos, refer to section E-puck firmware.

Switch – gpio14 Switch – gpio23 Userspace exportable, leave direction as in With the switch open not pushed will register a value of 1 Push the switch and the value will be 0. You can also refer to extension-instructions that is a document containing the most important information in order to start working with the extension.

A special firmware must be uploaded to the e-puck2 robot in order to let the main processor act as I2C slave. When the e-puck extension for gumstix overo is mounted on the e-puck hardware revision 1. Pin 4 – gpio It’s the pendown signal on the touchscreen controller but it’s vumstix if you aren’t using a expansion board with touchscreen support.

An example on modifying the pins configuration through the C programming language can be found in the following link gpregs. The following bash code snippet can be used to make sure that the connection is well established when the program returns:. Yes, you can connect to the robot with bluetooth and play with the monitor interface placing the selector in position 3. In this firmware the main processor receive commands from the gumstix extension to actuate the motors and leds and give back the sensors values proximity, microphones, selector, motors steps, tv remote to the gumstix.


Some applications may require external libraries not contained within the standard toolchain package. To test the network performance you could use the iperf tool installed on the system. The utility devmem2 allows for easy reading and writing of the memory; after building and installing this utility on the Gumstix Overo COM, you are ready to change the ports functionality. Our unofficial pinout for the Pinto-TH board.

Gumstix to robot packet format, 19 bytes payload the number in the parenthesis expresses the bytes for each field:.

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Gumstix Pi Newgate

For more information on the usage refers to sertest sertest sources. His report is available here. We are using the Goio breakout board, which is essentially as basic a board as you can get from Gumstix.

But each time we want to change the state gumtix the a GPIO we still have to run the application program again. These depend on the board configuration and the kernel drivers being used.