Sign in Already have an account? To avoid injury, handle cutter blades carefully. When the GP-GL command mode is selected, this function allows you to set the distance of pen movement corresponding to the coordinate value of 1. Be sure to move the pen carriage slowly. Remove the blade from the holder A. This is done by inserting a special tool in the plotter that produces holes instead of plotting with a pen or cutting with a blade.

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If the test results are not satisfactory, adjust the settings as described in Cutter Conditions. Any suggestions are appreciated.

And for the record, SignBlazerElements is software that’s unsupported and might not be your cup of tea, but has its benefits especially if it gets your cutter working. The pen carriage then moves left until it detects the left hand side of the media edge. Vraphtec blinking cursor indicates that you can change its setting.

Checking the Contents After unpacking your plotter, check that the standard accessories shown below are all present.

driving a Graphtec FC4100-75

Benutzen Sie diese Messer vorsichtig, um Verletzungen zu vermeiden. It also slows the cutting speed. Place the media so that its edges align with the grit rollers. I don’t have the driver disc, but I doubt that would do much good since I have such a new operating system. So far it looks like this is going to work out for me. Use the yellow markings to locate the grit rollers. FC 30 inches 75 cm wide. Normally, you can access these functions through the menu however, some functions have quick keys on the control panel to provide fast access to these menus.


Insert one Basket Bracket into an end of the Cloth Basket. It has drivers for the FC We are using a as well, they still have the old plugin that only works on older versions of Illy, ver 9 I believe.

It will be a fully functional 30 day trial. The longer length leg platform is installed towards the back of the unit.

Cocut Pro on sale! So all you should need to do is set your comm port up correctly and then the software should be able grapthec talk to it.

You can download the FC user manual from here http: After setting the necessary items, turn off the plotter regardless of the menu being displayed. Insert the lower two conveyor rollers. The 410-075 configuration regarding the output device has been changed; or 2.

GRAPHTEC FC4100 series User Manual

Graphhec information to complete a task correctly. The blade offset Raise the blade offset Setting Cutter angle is too low. Is there an adapter available so I can connect it to a USB? Page 97 – Step pass – setting the step pass Page 98 – Distance adjust – adjusting the length o At the joints of each line segment, the plotter stops cutting and very quickly rotates the blade tip.


Chapter 1 Out Of The Box This chapter describes plotter nomenclature and how to install your plotter. Page 91 Page 92 – Tangential emulation – cutting tiny lett To avoid injury, do not touch the pen tip after the plotter is turned on. Use two people to pick up the plotter.


If the middle pinch roller is not positioned in the center range of the media AND located over the grit roller, the media will not feed evenly. The copies are normally cut in this sequence. Page 79 – Rotate – rotating the coordinate axes Page 80 – Data sorting – sorting the cut data Page 81 Page 82 Page 83 Page 84 – Axis alignment – axis alignment paramete