Not sure what he was watching I went back to swinging out of my shoes more balls with a big Serena Williams style roar or grunt and other than one push I hit all of them into the end fence. A couple years ago, I tried a club from another company that markets itself as factory direct. Length and lie adjustments are an important part of the fitting process. A good swing goes a long way Second hole went fairly straight again, a little shorter and unfortunately in the sand.

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My first swing with this incredible golf club propelled the shot yards with exact trajectory. I grew up golfing and played regularly from age This is my second Giga driver first was the GX2 tiand like the first it is a very solid club for a great value. Here is what Gigagllf have: It was my second hole-in-one, the first one was in Florida inso it has been a lengthy time span in between.

Thank you for the comment. The innovative GigaGolf eFit system will help you build your clubs correctly no matter what your age or ability level. My son still refers to it gigagol my girlie club, but he hit it and now we are ordering him one of his own! I think the best I hit with it was about yards once.


Step 1- Select Clubs.

Thanks again, Alan A. When you enter the review we ask for your email address. Second, after ordering the GXz I discovered that both of my Trax drivers were severely cracked in the same place in the slider channel. The perfect addition gigagolr players looking for a solid feel and outstanding control.

I ordered the powerslot irons with feather lite shafts, Pursuit ps Fairway woods with the red powerlaunch shafts and the TRX TI driver with powerlaunch shaft. I waited to review until now mostly because I forgot, and second because I wanted to get a season under my belt before I gave a review.

The GigaGolf eFit system uses two, simple measurements to make your clubs fit you. I have an Adams and I hit it between and yards usually pretty straight. Just a little about me I ended up getting a set of mizuno jpx-ez irons.

Build and buy your clubs online, play them for 30 days, if they do not meet your expectations you may return them and we will refund your gigagokf card. There’s no guessing where “square” is, it sits on the ground at address perfectly square. You won’t regret it.


Try a GXz and you will understand the value. Step 1- Select Clubs. BaldTexan 63 years old.

GigaGolf GXz Driver

Thanks Bill for your advice! The four witnesses were Bill L. We found a good deal for a new set and figured we’d jump on it. Took my GXz driver to the gigagllf for the first time this weekend.

I can smash the ball long and straight with the GXz.

GigaGolf GXz Driver | GolfBlogger Golf Blog

Hitting it farther than I was hitting my Taylor Made. Guys, you MUST buy this driver!!!!! Imp a low single figure giyagolf and have tried many drivers in the market.

Manufactured using a one piece stainless body, which supports a variable thickness forged face results in outstanding performance compared to brands costing many times more. I highly recommend these! The GigaGolf eFit system uses two, simple measurements to make your clubs fit you.