Select [Print] from the [File] menu of the application. Page Paper Jams Push down the green lever A1 in the direction of the arrow several times to eject the paper upward. Select [Factory Defaults] or [Custom Settings]. Unable to Scan with the Machine Following the procedure below if you cannot scan with the machine. Uses a network scan driver. Risks are inherent in the use of the Internet.

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Maximum character limit is Windows R speosport driver – test. Normally, each of the trays is set to plain paper. Gently return the document feeder tray to the original position. Maintenance 11 System Settings Relay Broadcast Report Select whether or not to automatically print a relay broadcast report, and a location where the report is printed at.

Therefore, they are erased when the machine is switched off. Product Overview 2 Product Overview This chapter describes basic operations of the machine, such apeoport the names of each component, switching on and off the machine, and the operations of the touch screen and power saving settings.

Setup Menu Delayed Start Set whether or not to use a delayed start transmission. Last Original Select this to end scanning of documents.


Depending on the tray used, available paper types are different. System Administrator Login ID The following example shows how to allocate a feature to the Custom 2 button. Substitute Tray, Paper Type Mismatch 11 System Settings Substitute Tray When there is no tray containing the paper size selected by the automatic tray selection, select whether or not to print replaced with paper loaded in another paper tray. If you select [Shift], capital letters appear.

Page 16 Problem Solving Symptom Cause Remedy Unable to copy Is the document glass tx the Clean the document glass and the with the specified document cover dirty? Encoding method Stored Document Size: Delete Inside Delete the inside of the selected area when copying.

Make sure that the document is not torn, wrinkled or folded, and reload the document following the instructions displayed on the screen. Page 15 Maintenance Place 4500 drum cartridge on a flat surface.

Automatically scans multiple-sheet documents. Close the top cover.

Fuji Xerox ApeosPort 450 I User Manual

Refer to “[2 Sided Originals] Screen” P. Common Settings Date Set the date in the system clock of the machine.

Cleaning the Exterior The following describes how to clean the exterior of the machine. If the Tray 6 high capacity is installed, grip the handle on the top left side of the Tray 6 to move the Tray 6 in the direction of the apeospoort.


Apple FujiXerox Printer Drivers for Mac OS X Driver – TechSpot

Page 86 3 Copy Print On Up to characters are allowed. This section describes how to enter such text.

Auto Switch Attempts Set the number of times the phone ring should sound for an incoming call before starting fax communications. Page 51 Copying Procedure Remove any paper clips and staples before loading the documents.


Replacing Consumables Open the Tray 5 bypass. Send Options Furthermore, notify the speosport of the following information for using the F Code method to receive e-mail from the mailbox. Job Flow Sheets 7 Job Flow Sheets This chapter describes the scanning operation using a job flow created on a network computer and registered with the machine.

Personal Job Flow Sheet Common Settings Auto Print Set the period to start the next print job after finishing a copy job.