I tried to light the CFL but it just drained the voltage and wouldn’t light. Gadget Do you know if any of the Fuji circuits you modded so far had 6 wire transformers or were they all 5 wire with the 6th post as a locator pin? I hooked up another analog meter to measure the current but it seems to affect the circuit by making the CFL harder to light and using more power to get it going, the best I could get for brightness with the amp meter was showing 70 mA but the battery voltage was lower than without the amp meter in the circuit. There must be other components in Fuji circuit that are playing a role in increasing the brightness of the CFL as shown in gadget’s video because the barebone circuit with only the transformer and the capacitor is not enough to get the CFL to any reasonable brightness without consuming the battery within a few hours instead of 12 hours. LOL Now for the next steps All the transformers are 5 wires. AlienGrey tysb3 silent heartfire icarus.

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Diode negative Cathode March 03, Battery Negative solder connection 2.

HV pulse coil lead 2 Thankyou, Pirate posted a bunch of stuff here on the jtc. Transformer Pin 6 Locator pin, no wire What’s interesting is that the original circuit posted on the josepino. Transistor – Base 5.


Fuji circuit aa light bulb | running a cfl lightbulb from fu… | Flickr

I also found a handy 3 terminal socket that will hold transistors, only problem with this is the pin assignment once soldered onto the the prototype board. Check out these great prices on slightly used or just opened once only items.

Neon lead 1 All Here’s my first attempt, I removed the transformer from a Fuji disposable camera circuit board and started a prototype board with a 10 K ohm 20 turn potentiometer, the 68 pf capacitor is in parallel to the pot. Added V electrolytic cap that came with Fuji camera across input positive and negative wires, brightness increased and less voltage drop.

So far it seems that the only component needed from the Fuji cameras is the transformer as the barebone circuit proved. Well I’m satisfied that I made a gain on the original barebone circuit and will leave it at that till tomorrow when I’ll check in to see if the motor is still running while driving the CFL and how much voltage it dropped.

Fuji EA32 20 a 2 Pole Circuit Breaker T67900

Well this is interesting, after running the above test with the electroluminescent light it finally gave out at approximately 0. I was using the Fuji 6 pin transformer when I did the barebone test circuit posted above but as you can see all of these transformers have 6 pins but only 5 have wires hooked up to them. Time to move on past the barebone circuit and start adding components, so far the bigger the CFL the more power consumption and cirduit run times didn’t last more than 4 – 5 hours and at nightlight level lasted over 12 – 24 hours depending on CFL size.


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Fuji Circuit Joule Thief CFL Light | Cell Phone Batteries

Hooked up analog at battery to monitor voltage drain for now, voltage drop or high amperage intake same thing to me 2. August 30, Also i do not Lie and i am sorry you guys couldn’t replicate My Devices.

LOL Now for the next steps Switch connection 2 9. Did you miss your activation email?

I only have to do this with a few of them. If I increase the capacitance to higher value up to 0.

Transformer Pin 2 Note, the dot on the transformer was on pin 4 so I ciecuit the connections to pin 4 to collector and pin 1 to the positive. Neon lead 2 March 05, Transformer Pin 1 At that point I got the CFL light to start flickering without a drop in voltage.

I always buy my gadgets via these great Warehouse deals! Can light a neon by touching only one lead to either of the output wires! Flash bulb inner lead