I did switch to the on board nic. Is there a way to edit the configuration by file? I don’t want to speculate on how you did things but it isn’t automatic if you already had a NIC configured such as your internal NIC and later added the add-on card. Old socket is , the one I want to use is Joined Sep 6, Messages Thanks What happens when you remove or disable that? That’s because LACP is the standard technology to do this.

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Folks do this all the time, there should only be some minor settings that need changing the changing of NIC will may be onebut over all it will work. Joined May 17, Messages 90 Thanks 0. Resources Latest reviews Search resources.

This is not a topic in our forum rules and I hope it never is. Does freebsd 11 have hcange update you want? What’s new New posts New resources Latest activity.

Change network Interface order? | FreeNAS Community

Just use an Server Adapter for this configuration, and you will get the best results in speed. My neighbor who knows a little bit of Linux command lines or whatever you call them showed me where the FreeNAS box auto-selected BaseTX for the network card. You must log in or register to reply here. Forums New posts Search forums.


If not, is there any variant of this that you can imagine is possible, using different ports or something?

Which do you find more easily to read? Resources Latest reviews Search resources.

However, he didn’t know how to change it, and I don’t either. I’ve included relevant quotes from every post I’ve replied to in order to provide context and make things easy to understand.

Changing to new Hardware (Mobo, CPU, Memory)

If you like to post using that style, it’s your right, but it’s absolutely idiosyncratic — I have literally never seen a forum where this is the expected behavior — and you have no business trying to force it down others’ throats. How about if quad port nic on freenas is made like this: It is “broken” in one of those ways that’s harmless unless you’re actually expecting that the second interface behaves in a very particular manner, which is usually what Windows washers expect will happen.

At least the fix was cheap! I have a FreeNAS machine that’s been working fine for me for a while, it has 0. I don’t want to speculate on how fteenas did things but it isn’t automatic if you already had a NIC configured such as your internal NIC and later added the add-on card.

How to configure 2 NICs | FreeNAS Community

I’m thinking reordering would be the easy way to get what I want. Joined Nov 6, Messages 5, Thanks Poppymcshotgun Jun 5, If someone has a hard spot with my posting here, I request you take a deep breath before adding a response.


Poppymcshotgun Jun 6, I added a second NIC, and that seems to work fine as well. What happens when you remove or disable that? Joined Jun 28, Messages Thanks 9. When you bring up the second network, the default route is changed to point out that most recently configured network, and unless you’re using real IP addresses and loose bic no ingress filtering on your router, this hopelessly screws you.

You may be able to get an in depth reasoning by using the forum search tool, else duckduckgo or google should be able to elaborate with some detail.

Replacing network card / NIC

With regards to updating which does include the latest drivers for the underlying OSwhich hardware issue are you referring to? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Eli Singer Newbie Dec 4, The default setting is freenae Resources Latest reviews Search resources.