By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. The sync will then use their username and password for all requests to the hub database server. This will allow MirrorSync to read and write fields that the user themselves may not have read or write access to. You will need to edit your tomcat8. So long as the username on the local copy matches the username on the server, you can set up one password for local access and another for external authentication with the server.

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To fix this, modify the MirrorSync.

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All opinions are strictly my own. Welcome to the advanced section of the MirrorSync documentation! Views Read View source View history. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be a very big job – creating the new field is easy, but then you either need to find every place that that field is used in the user interface and point it to the newly created invoice number field, or else you need to find every place that it is used in the vmi graph and re-point that to the newly created primary key field.

If these three conditions are met, MirrorSync will only use standard ports 80 orwhich are allowed by default on almost all firewalls.

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You can continue running the installer as many times as you like, once per client, renaming each instance to something unique. Create a new field called ‘Host modification timestamp’ or whatever you prefer jdnc, and set it to auto-enter this calculated value substituting the name of the regular, non-host modification timestamp in place of ‘Modification timestamp’.


Here is the setup process:. If you select the option to sync with the hub database credentials, then whatever username and password you enter during the MirrorSync configuration for the hub will also be used for users to sync with it. If the external network succeeds, this will be remembered for as long as the file is open, so future syncs will try the external network first. However, if you are running Windows, you’ll want to re-run the installer for MirrorSync jdbcdtiver redeploying FileMaker Server.

If we create jbc new record on the first database, it will get assigned the next number in the sequence This occurs due to the references found in the script, which will reference both the internal and external IP address. The solution to this problem is very easy – it actually takes less time to do than it did to read that explanation!

jdbc 6 « Database « Java Database Q&A

Also be sure the database is accessible from the machine you are installing MirrorSync on. Essentially, it’s just an incorrect value. For instance, you could have a ‘full sync’ which syncs all tables in both directions, and then a ‘save work order’ sync which would only sync a handful of tables one-way from the offline device to the server.

If you would like to use ESS tables, there are additional steps. We’re always open to a new challenge! XML, on the other hand, works using traditional FileMaker scripting. Setting it to 0 will always use method 2. If you are not one of the named recipient s or otherwise have reason to believe that you have received this message in error, please notify the sender at and delete this message immediately from your computer.


The pricing tiers are at 1, 50, 10, 40, 60, and You can optionally purchase additional server configurations or devices. In the primary key configuration screen, use the drop down menus to select the two foreign keys. If MirrorSync detects that the record was modified as a result of a ‘DidInsert’ or ‘DidUpdate’ script, it will re-do the client search, taking into account any scripted record restrictions in the ‘FindChanges’ section.

This will likely require custom configuration of your company firewall, if you have one. This option is on the first screen in the configuration process. Since FileMaker Pro does not have the ability to copy and paste tables, you’ll need to follow these instructions to create the MirrorSync table.

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For example, if there is a critical section of your application that requires users to see what the latest value is before they make a change, trigger the sync when the user navigates to that screen, and again when they are finished editing in that screen. When installing additional instances of the application, only a single Tomcat process will be installed which is shared by all of the MirrorSync instances.

However, before doing this, be aware that this will cause all existing offline files to no longer be able to sync. Feel free to modify as desired. BASE64 encoding to turn binary container data into text.