It still responds and all that but the wheels spin the wrong direction and some dont spin at all. Afraid not, never got into command codes with that sucker. I checked around and don’t have the test tool either, sorry Not a link to a google search or a link to the Zeba Driver or a link to the manual. Green, yellow and red LED indicators provide easy-to-understand printer status.

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From what I’ve read and even on Zebras site it says you can downgrade the firmware on their printers.

Just talked to Zebra said it’ll need a new logic board, at least their service is here in America and it was a one minute call and knew off the bat what I was talking about. Sr Tech Premium Member join: Edrick Premium Member Sep 6: What version of Windows are you using? Unfortunately it seems upgrading croaked it.

Eltron card printers – PC Card printer for ID and access control cards

Command wise if there’s anything that might get me somewhere. So I’m out that cash until I can find a replacement logic board. There are elfron USB and Parallel on the back of the unit.


Trying to figure out how to downgrade it. Eltfon luck finding someone with experience with that specific scenario, if there is a place where it exists it is here!

Edrick Premium Member Sep 4: ID Card Printer Ribbons. The P prints sharp, readable bar codes, ID photos, graphics and text, edge-to-edge, in seconds.

Edrick Premium Member Sep 5: ID Card Printer Printheads. Seems like poor planning on Zebra or Eltrons side back then, hopefully Zebra support might have some solutions. Complete ID Card Systems.

Eltron P Series C Fast, attractive personalization in conveniently compact and cost-effective printers. Ithaca receipt printers I could probably help with, but we’ve always gotten along with the Eltrons just dumping output ID card or whatever to a PDF and printing from there. I checked through the service tech manual unfortunately it doesn’t have a section for “Idiot who updated printer to wrong firmware and now needs to downgrade” it did refer to the Programmers Manual to send commands to the printer.

Includes US power cord. Unfortunately at this point I’m stuck with the 3.

Zebra Eltron P310 P310c-0000p ID Card Printer

It still responds and all that but the wheels spin the wrong direction and some dont spin at all. Edrick I aspire to tell the story of a lifetime Premium Member join: The P C is ideal for applications requiring production of full-color plastic cards. Printing p3100c plastic cards has never been simpler, faster, or easier. I do not however have a parallel cable just a USB one.


Eltton you happen to know anything about the programmers reference? I do know it was fully functional aside from the driver not working, a few questions for you.

Use P Card Printers to print: When I print the demo card it does say it has the USB firmware installed. I was checking FleaBay which is where I got the printer for some busted ones, but no dice. When I specify a driver location it just says it can’t find the driver. Eltrln have experience with the printer having the wrong firmware?