I did ask the folks at Digitrax what happems if you have it configured for self termination and connected to a command station. This optional step is simply to check the PR3 device was found. Again, there were no problems with ops mode writes. If the failure happens during the PR3 firmware update process, it is possible that the PR3 might require factory repair. Likewise, there are a The PR2 Programmer is a serial device that connects to a computer via a 25pin serial port. Configurations can be set by software or manually.

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Product Support for: Computer Control -> SoundFX USB Decoder Programmer (PR3)

Digital Command Control is incorporated within the Digitrax system to let you control multiple trains independently on the same section of track without blocking. If you are using the PR3 with a decoder that uses CV for something, you should either not use a JMRI throttle to run the locomotive on the PR3 programming track, or remember to rewrite CV with the right value just before removing the locomotive from the track. When used with Digitrax SFX decoders, “neutral mode” allows you to idgitrax the speed without the motor moving the decoder, so you can hear how the locomotive sound reacts rigitrax varying speeds.

The appropriate update files and instructions are available from the “Download” page on the Digitrax web site. Insulate the unused function leads so they cannot short to the locomotive frame or track power. If the failure happens during the PR3 firmware update process, it is possible that the PR3 might require factory repair.


The SE8c is a signal driver for your layout.

Computer Control -> SoundFX USB Decoder Programmer (PR3) – Product Support

What are LocoNet and RailSync? However, it can also function as a stand alone programmer.

Please do not remove the shrink wrap protective sleeves from the Digitrax decoders. Finally there is the LokProgrammer. The DigiGroupSetup utility is in a ZIP file which is provided for Digitrax pr33 convenience and can be downloaded from our downloads page.

Just fill out the form and return your items directly to Digitrax for repair. Just wondering if i can get clarification regarding using the PR3 as a standalone Loconet Terminator. Not all cables on the market will work.

The state of these indicators can be interpreted to provide status information and also some useful diagnostic insights. The RF24 is the device inside difitrax throttles and UR92 that handles radio communications so is only installed in the wireless throttles and transceiver.

Hardware Support: Connecting to a Digitrax PR3 (Xtra)

Digitraz about other DCC systems? Although not required, it’s also OK to connect a power supply to the PR3. Not doing so will result in both locomotives operating at the same time when you send commands to address In a followup series of tests it was able to read these CVs on the first pass reliably.

You can try out sound projects downloaded to your locomotives on the programming track without having to run it around the layout. How do I Reset Everything in my Locomotive? You can still ramp the speed up and down with the throttle and listen to how the sound responds, but the motor won’t move the locomotive.


SoundFX USB Decoder Programmer

It is not a stand alone programmer per se. To get the device to work correctly you have to make sure you have it set up and functioning properly.

Click here to send Digitrax Tech Digitarx a message. Ireland Digitrax Complete Train Control makes reliable, realistic train operation and simplified layout wiring a reality. If however, you plan to use it to program a lot of sound decoders made by other manufacturers there may be better options for you. Become Our Fan On Facebook! Join The Digitrax User Group.

You can substitute different. It is available on our downloads page as a ZIP file and is provided for Digitrax customer convenience.

Note that to be able to readback Sound FX CV’s a combination of function lead loads of at least 60mA at 12volts should be connected to these function leads. A locomotive’s performance is influenced by