The embedded driver is used to communicate with Derby when it is running in the same JVM as the application program. Recovery can be costly, so using the proper shutdown command improves connection or startup performance. If the application that started the embedded Cloudscape quits but leaves the JVM running, Cloudscape continues to run and is available for database connections. In a Java application, you typically load the driver with the static Class. For information on setting this and other properties, see Tuning Cloudscape. All databases exist within a system. Each of these security features is introduced below.

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The classes for SQL procedures and functions implemented in Java can be stored jdbx the database along with the data, and the database can be programmed to load the classes from there. Moving forward, think Derby for the core database features and IBM Cloudscape for the supported commercial release. The standard way to obtain a Connection object is to call the method DriverManager. This archive is not in the class path.

The number of databases running in a Cloudscape system is limited only by the amount of memory available in the JVM. When used in this manner, you can use any functionality available in the two-tier driver in a WebLogic multitier configuration. A Cloudscape database contains dictionary objects such as cloudsacpe, columns, indexes, and jar files.


For more information about properties, see Tuning Cloudscape. Indexing on long columns is a bad idea in any case. Severe and non-recoverable corruption can result and may have already occurred. The error log lives inside the system directory. You can access jarDB1 like this:.

JDBC Applications and the Cloudscape Technology

Even a database directly under such a directory would require a forward ndbc, to show that it is relative to that directory. This means that connections to a database through its absolute path and its relative path are connections to the same database. Specify this explicitly only to distinguish a database that may be ambiguous with one on the class path. The cliudscape in the database disk files is stored in a portable format, so that databases can be easily transported from machine to machine regardless of the CPU architecture of each machine.

Beginning with Version 3.

G Example properties for Cloudscape JDBC driver (Cloudscape)

Note that to make use of JDBC 2. We mention features you cloudscwpe won’t recognize yet, but rest assured that they are described later in this technical article.

In this article you learned about the fundamental ccloudscape of Derby and how it can be embedded inside a client or a server application. When Cloudscape boots a database, it prints a message in the information log: It has transactions commit and rollbacksupports multiple connections with transactional isolation, and provides crash recovery.


It includes the following topics: The JTS driver provides transactional support for database operations. For more information on creating synchronization databases, see the Cloudscape Synchronization Guide. This standards compliance enables a developer to write an application against Derby and deploy it against another DBMS.

The warning message continues to appear until a proper shutdown of the Cloudscape system can delete the db. The Derby Network Server provides connectivity to Derby databases within a single system or over a network. This is especially important in deployed server applications, which must be deployed with as little administrative overhead as possible. It is based on the 1. Whether or not it is embedded, the database engine supports multiple simultaneous connections and access from multiple application threads.

Connect to cloudscape : Cloudscape « Database SQL JDBC « Java

Since most access to deployed Derby databases is through applications, Derby provides simple user authorization controls. If the application that started the embedded Cloudscape quits but leaves the JVM running, Cloudscape continues to run and is available for database connections. The forward slash is required before toursDB to indicate that it is relative to C: Jdcb is one of the following:.