Note A Caution Cautions alert you to operations that could cause damage to your hardware or software, or cause injury to yourself. Click the r The Print Server Setup dialog box appears. B-l Auto feed guidelines: Color Fast color printing but quality is not optimized. Setting Up The Client

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Open cartridges ccanon follow all instructions on package and use all necessary precautions. M ove the bar to the right for a higher gamma correction and darker color printing.


Select Neuj System Profile: Your image is printed in mirror image when you use T-Shirt Transfer mode through theBJC Printer Driver so when you iron it onto the T-shirt, the image is viewed correctly. This may prevent the print head unit from returning to the home position on the right and being capped, which may cause the print head to bjc-44550 out.

After making any necessary changes to the bubbe-jet Choose Print parameters, select OK to start the print job. Customer Care Center Canon provides customer support and service for all Canon printer products. I n the color pattern, you’ll notice that lines are missing between the colors. The Windows Tabs The BJC printer driver has several bhc-4550 from which you can select your printing options and learn about your printer driver as well as the BJC printer.


Canon Color Bubble Jet BJC-4550 Manuals

Gently pull the paper out with one hand while holding down the printer If the paper tears off inside bjc-45550 printer, open the front cover and remove the paper left inside the printer. Maintaining The Printer U se this optional cartridge when you want to add hot new colors to everything from your business graphs to stickers for your kids.

U se bc-4550 film to make your presentation materials and graphics look professional. To perform a Queue command on a particular print job, first select the print job and then select the command. The following envelopes are not recommended because they may cause jams or smears, or may damage your printer. Product name-BJC Serial number Place of purchase Nature of problem Steps you have taken to solve the problem and the results The serial number is located on the label on the back of the printer: Refer to your software application’s documentation for the exact printing procedure.

Chapter 4 Paper Handling Selecting Paper Types One of the most important things you can do jbc-4550 assure the best possible performance of your Bubble Jet printer is to select the correct paper.

Click the More Choices button to expand the dialog box to show its extensions: Windows 95 and Windows 3. Color dialog box Use the Color dialog box to adjust print colors.

The printer will automatically load the paper into position. R4 -i Paper Bjd-4550 Page 78 If you are replacing an old BJ cartridge, dispose of the Store or old cartridge properly. The printer driver also controls the various settings, such as print quality and paper type. If you have an operational problem: Choose a speed of, or 57 Kbps.


Press all the way around the envelopes to caonn any curls and expel air from inside the envelopes. Find the right contact for each country and get through to the experts who can help you.

Canon Color Bubble Jet BJC-4550 User Manual

If you do not have access to the Web, you can call the Customer Care Center. Glossary G-5 True black Contrary to composite black, true black color on a printout is obtained with the use of black ink. For faster printing speed, change the color cartridge to the monochrome cartridge. View All Business Services. The Chooser is displayed.

Color Dialog Box Use the Color dialog box to set color printing settings for controlling the way colors are produced. However, these special media may not advance correctly under unusual environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures or humidity.