Once the connection validates on Win98 , transfer of data never happens I dont know how it happens for other users but on my XP laptop, speed is OK. Also, what it shows while you connect in your case is the interface speed and not the real speed. Log in or Sign up. The speed is not constant, and it depends on the signal strength in ur area. I believe that your internet speed on WLL will be kilobits per second. But for most practical purposes kbps is good enough. Subscribers are advisced to check condition and warranty for the sets they are buying.

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I need unlimited internet as data card has lower rental it is cheaper.

Please wait until the download is completed” wll they supposed to giv us shared ip address? My locality is such that it is not feasible to provide conn. Do you already have an account? Then how much speed i wll get. When I installed data card on laptop, first it showed kbps.



Is it available in UP???? I think its d setup I did limiting the net to kbps instead of kbps. The FWT wall set has a built-in battery back-up.

I got the WLL connected in Trivandrum. How can i use internet with WLL connection? The following procedure may be followed for establishing Internet connection.

Use other steps like dial my connection and Internet explorer for accessing internet. Results 1 to 60 of I tried with another, it showed !! It is called as High-Speed internet. This is a service provided using fixed wireless Terminal and a telephone instrument. When the main is on the battery is on continuous charge.

Customer can choose the set as per his choice. Real speed will be lower than that. Page 1 of 4 1 2 3 4 Last Jump to page: Then whence cometh evil? Originally Posted by Admin.

Then he is malevolent. There is no settings for this Wll internet. Somebody said to me that only 1 GB download is free. Then why call him God? I went to the exchange n confirmed it.



The maximum speed of upload is 13kbps. Else do a google search for your WLL phone for drivers. You don’t have to pay for airtime charges and incoming calls lwl free. The speed is not constant, and it depends on the signal strength in ur area.

Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Username maybe your’s means’ name who is registered to the phone.

Please checkup warranty conditions before buying the Handset.