There is a list of known compatible dongles here: Setting up a usb gps dongle Sun Jun 17, 7: Any clues as to what I am doing wrong? As it is turning on it is briefly red continuously. And I am glad that all the black lovers will not be disappointed as this Bluetooth transmitter comes in a black color as well. It is not working on several Linux devices as well as my RPi. When it changes to flashing a long red every second it is ready for a GPS client to attempt to connect through gpsd.

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BlueNEXT BNS GPS Dongle Install Problems – Laptop GPS World

Can you do some sort of a loop with a command line? Dogmatix Hero Member Posts: You need unplug the GPS dongle and reboot. You are commenting using your WordPress. The next step is to check you are getting useful GPS data out of the hardware. Let us hope it works fine with AR Setting uwb a usb gps dongle Sat Jun 16, The GPS can get a fix in seconds but it can also take many minutes and you need a good view of the sky.

The generic Silicon Labs drivers are here: My unit has an LED which can be red, yellow, or green. Setting up a usb gps dongle Fri Jun 15, 7: Then it starts to flash a short red every 2 seconds as it initializes.


From the command line do: No probs – glad it was of help Welcome to the site btw. Setting up a usb gps dongle Wed May 23, 9: I’ve bought one and it works fine under Windows.

Bluepoint – Bluenext BN-WD54G 54Mbps USB Wireless Adapter

From what I have read, other methods of making up for the lack of an RTC on the Pi are at least as expensive and more difficult for me at least to understand. Setting up a usb gps dongle Sat Jun 16, 5: Then you can do all the complicated stuff afterwards. Setting up a usb gps dongle Fri Jun 01, 2: I think it installed the x86 drivers, because the program was installed to Program Files x86not the regular program files.

If you have any problems and cgps always displays ‘NO FIX’ under status and then aborts after a few seconds, you may need to restart the gpsd service.

This thread is posted in the following adapetr categories: The annoying work-around appears to be to restart GPSD: Nothing at all, the dongle is now flashing, but XP says it has no device on any com port, and AR says it can’t see any input. Point Windows to the folder you created.


Raspberry Pi & GPS

Start with the following commands: Setting up a usb gps dongle Sat Jun 16, 9: The output from the gps device also provides heading data, so it could theoretically be used on a moving vehicle but practically it would not work, unless the vehicle was moving extremely slowly.

I have the Belkin F5D Not sure what else to try so suggestions welcome.

It would be interesting to know if anyone who has it working with gpsd can also read strings from the device using the command line operations.

I have done a system restore to before the drivers installed. They are both powered by the Ralink chipset, and you can get the driver from here: In Device Manager, right click the item you mentioned and choose to update the bludnext. This is done using the command: GameSlurp The friendly community for gamers.