My bro got his custom-made PC back in Jan. To obtain drivers for your modem please contact your modem manufacturer or point of sale. Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes! The latest driver can be found from Amigo. New Intel modem drivers support ‘modem-on-hold’ feature. Some posts indicaet problems with this modem, current drivers and AMD processors.

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Re: Urgent Help: On Ambient MD driver for Linux

New Intel modem drivers support ‘modem-on-hold’ feature. Yea, the webmaster is right. I think so Is the Intel family really a modem.

And I am making suggestions here on how to solve their problems. You just don’t get it! My train of thought was lost at the end make a modems as you can see from the bad syntax; sorry.

But I don’t think you will ever really get it. Is ambinet due to a design change, part number change or the name change. I wish I knew I think its time for Intel to clear this up. Didn’t help much, the Intel modem still acted like crap.

I want modem driver intel ambient 5628 dlb for pc

Chipset maker or modem maker. Give me your email and I will send the driver to you. Intel also, mosem the new version “Intel EP” was released, began releasing generic drivers for the “Intel EP” chipset geared for Intel Architectures. The PCI data bases now reflect Intel ownership. Speak to us Intel. I have a driver from Intel that does the job, even under Win7.


Please assign your manual to a product: See, this is based on personal experience with the actual modem itself, not just facts. The modem runs in software on your CPU. Ambient Technologies MS now the Intel He does not know nor even understand the full meaning of the phrase ‘problem solver’ and I think his comments aren’t very helpful to people who are dealing with the Intel modem problems.

Because the modem is a softmodem the driver “is the modem” driver development for the same softmodem chipset can follow different paths for different intended product markets.

Model Number is DI Yes we do! Intel makes modem “””chipsets”””” they do not, and never did, make a modems. UnknownDevices by HalfDone; http: I really don’t know about the old modems or who “made” them for Intel or what chipset “was” used.

Windows Update Catalog also has Intel modem drivers [v2. Your answer needs to include more details to help people. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum.


But thank you for pointing this out.

Intel Ambient MD 5690 Modem Driver

Download Intel Modem driver for Windows 10, 8. Linker is an idiot!

Intel writing the drivers of course. All due respect but; He probable gets it from the same place everyone else that works with modems gets it from, the various PCI SIG data bases. To make it easier for XP users with Intelea or like modems and want to moem updated drivers just go to Windows Update.

Took out the Intel modem and placed it into my relative’s Dell Optiplex PC that has a built-in motherboard with Intel chipset.