Choose No if you downloaded the driver elsewhere and didn’t exhaust your search for a manufacturer-provided one. Tap OK to make the changes. Make your desired changes to the available adapters on the list. Creating an Excel Mobile document To create a new Excel document: Messaging Messaging Use Messaging to send and receive e-mail messages in one of these ways: Network card connections Use a network Ethernet card to connect directly to a network.

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tndis Tap the Screen icon to show the screen options. Tap the Advance tab from the audio settings screen. Introduction Introduction You can set up connections to the Internet and corporate network at work to do such activities rndia browse the Internet or intranet, send and receive e- mail and instant messages, and synchronize information using ActiveSync.

You can then send them to your friends, view a slideshow of your pictures, play back the video or set a picture as background on the Today screen. UXCA in the search box.

Bluetooth Manager Bluetooth Manager The Bluetooth Manager allows you to create, manage, and use Bluetooth to connect to remote devices. To send data via Bluetooth: The My Shortcuts screen displays a list of pre-configured connections, if any.


Notes Quickly capture thoughts, reminders, ideas, and phone numbers with Notes. This process ensures accurate positioning when entering text and selecting menus.

You can set Windows to automatically install important and recommended updates or important updates only.

You can also include a recording in a note. Use the input panel to key-in the Network name.

A63X in RNDIS Mode – download driver

Remote device services Wireless serial port Using a Bluetooth serial port is equivalent to using a physical cable serial port connection between two devices. While viewing a PowerPoint file, tap the arrow on the lower-left side of the screen to open the menu. Connecting directly to an e-mail server In addition to synchronizing e-mail messages with your desktop computer, you can send and receive e-mail messages by connecting to an e-mail server using a modem or network card connected to your device.

Bluetooth settings To configure the Bluetooth settings: Changing the screen theme To change the screen theme: The created wireless network is displayed in the list of wireless networks.

Tap Menu then tap Sign in Send via Bluetooth You can conveniently send your Pocket Outlook contacts, calendar items, and tasks individually or collectively to the remote device via Bluetooth. Infrared IR connection Setting beam options To set the beam options: Manual Configuration or Automatic Update.


To change the USB settings: Bluetooth Settings Bluetooth settings To configure the Bluetooth settings: You can decide which updates to automatically download and install. You can modify as needed. A semicolon is automatically added between e-mail addresses if you select from your Contacts list. In the opened window select “Programs and Features”.

Finding a contact There are four ways to find a contact. Drawing on the screen You can draw on the screen in the same way that you write on the screen.

Windows 7 USB RNDIS driver

Tap the Network Adapters tab. Unlike infrared, you do not need to line up the devices to beam information with Bluetooth. Composing Messages Composing messages To compose a message: Saving composed messages If you are working offline, the message is moved to the Outbox folder and will be sent the next time you connect.