No IRQ conflicts and well optimized machines. I know I have, and it is frustrating that you paid so much for your Gigabyte but can’T use it for such simple things. Intel [HDA Intel], device 1: Setting up gnome-alsamixer 0. I haven’t used anything extra in awhile, but next time I get the noise I will hook up either a power supply or a HUB and let you know if it fixed it. Done Reading extended state information Initializing package states

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The FMEA result of this one is as severe as it gets, is it not? What’s new New posts New profile posts Latest activity.

Question # : Questions : alsa-driver package : Ubuntu

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However, this wouldn’t explain why other users have encountered this problem while streaming data to the audio card.

Processing triggers for libc-bin The “lub” is the first heart sound, commonly termed S1, and is caused by turbulence caused by the closure of mitral and tricuspid valves at the start of systole. It’s happening consistently on two PCs.

965gj neighbour has built a lapa right next to our boundary wall: Selecting previously deselected package paprefs. Therefore, there is no longer an increase in blood return to the right ventricle versus the left ventricle and the right ventricle volume is no longer increased. Quitting VDJ stops the noise. When the pulmonary valve closes before the aortic valve, this is known as a “paradoxically split S 2 “.


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It is seen 695gm conditions that delay left ventricular emptying e. So what I have been doing is the following. This delay in P 2 versus A 2 is heard as a slight broadening or even “splitting” of the second sojnd sound; though it is usually only heard in the pulmonic area of the chest because the P 2 is soft and not heard in other areas.

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I know I have, and it is frustrating that you paid so much for your Gigabyte but can’T use it for such simple things. Also if I close Virtual DJ my sound card works just fine. This can happen when the software is idle – i. Hi all I’ve got a 2. Posted Fri 16 Feb 07 7: Ssound services that are not needed has been turned off to ‘slim down’ the windows as much as possible.

What money back guarentee is there that this software will do the job intended and is ‘fit for sounx purpose intended? Processing triggers for man-db So maybe you are not hearing sound, because ALSA is routing sound to one of the other 3 soundcards.


The second heart sound, “dub” or S2, is caused by the closure of the aortic and pulmonic valves, marking the end of systole. Skyfxl, your response is the exact assurance I’ve been looking for before I purchase the software for the project Once I was able to fade to deck 1 and fade out the noise but it still would not play the selected track These are my PCs specs.

Thus the time period elapsing between the first heart sound and the second sound defines systole ventricular ejection and the time between the second sound and the following first sound defines diastole ventricular filling.

PC is custom built.

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It is physiologically normal to hear a “splitting” of the second heart tone in younger people, during inspiration and in the “pulmonary area”, i. Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Hi Calver, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies. Selecting previously deselected package padevchooser.

Setting up paman 0.

A split S2 is a finding upon auscultation of the S2 heart sound.